Shoreline project coming to an end

We are almost finished with our little remodel here on Shoreline drive. The ream feels very happy with the outcome of this job that was under such tight budget and ended up so much more complex structurally than we anticipated. The happy owners are putting finishing touches on the interior details and enjoying their new 15 ft deck with bifold sliding door system.

Still a lot to do on the front of the porch and of course the landscaping , but we are getting there!

This is before and after of the front of the house!


San Remo Brochures

While lots 1 and 2 are already sold, and the new owners are changing the interior package quite a bit, here are the current brochures!

KSD was not involved in the interior package, shown in the brochure, nor in selection of fixtures or materials.  Our vision was to have a very modern interior for all lots.

Updates on San Remo development

Some cool recent shots of our San Remo project!

The homes are starting to take shape, with drywall and mud on lots 1 and 2 and finishing electrical work on lot 4. I can not wait to see the finishes and cabinetry installed ! 


Lot 1 view of living room and dining room. Huge open plan space.

Opposite view of the same space, looking into the kitchen and hallway leading to office and laundry space.

Folding doors lead to a spacious patio. 

Master bedroom fireplace view High vaulted ceilings and huge walk-in closets.


Lot 2 - corner view of kitchen and dining. So much light !!!

Living room

Master bedroom fireplace view with french doors opening to a huge deck . Perfect space to lounge in the evening , with fire pit and views of the creek.


Our  historic restoration - Lot 3 living room space with Plunkett &Edwards original arched windows reconstructed 

View of the Historic facade. AMAZING work by the construction team to make this historic balcony look exactly like the original house. 

A view of the historic house from lot 4


Lot 4 sneak peak, still in the works, the team is putting electrical in.

Shoreline new look

We are working on phase 2 of Shoreline currently, while the entire interior is being framed and windows are being installed. The clients wanted to update the front facade with pushing the deck out more and creating the patio at the front entry.

Here is one of the early stage sketches!

And so it begins!

The construction started today on Shoreline. Everyone is very excited to see this project move forward, and the crew is working their magic fast! They have gutted out everything and started framing the lower level interior walls and installing new windows and doors.  Can not wait to compare the BEFORE and AFTER photos!



Happy Monday!

Remember the the beach house project from a couple of months ago? Well - today we got the permit for it! The client just sent us the photo of himself picking up the permit placard !!! I think, he is pleased.! We are very excited to see this project come together! 

Lot 4 Building Permit Issued today!

We are excited to receive the building permit for the last house on San Remo development today! The construction is going full speed and we are a couple of weeks away from drywall on 3 homes. Lot 4 is now beginning construction and will be completing this 4-lot subdivision! Today is a good day!

San Remo is under construction!

Despite a long road through reviews , we are finally under construction for the 4-house subdivision project in Santa Barbara! The first 2 lots are now finishing framing, and lot 3 begins this week! We are extremely proud to see our designs go up...! Here are the renderings for the homes under construction:







Shoreline Remodel

We are currently working on a complete interior and exterior remodel of a single family residence on Shoreline Drive in Santa Barbara. The house was in an extremely dilapidated state when we were first brought on board. The owners wanted to bring everything up to current code and reconfigure the space entirely to convert it to their beach home. We are excited to be a part of this extensive conversion!!! Here is what we are starting from! 

The Before - front of the house

The Before - front of the house


... This is it.. ! we are done, as much as we can be... and it looks beautiful! Still running around, fixing little things, installing light bulbs everywhere and making everything perfect, but we have officially pulled it off. As  the trucks pull out from the driveway - the owners are walking in.... YES!


Please take a look at the photos of completed job in the FEATURED PROJECTS section of the website!

Final minutes..

Today was a rough day... we are all wiped out. Some deliveries came in broken, wrong or incomplete.. its a little discouraging, but no time to dwell on the sad things. Most of the items are installed now. Cory is working on her phenomenal flower installations and Carly is taking care of the Care-Package for the clients , including champagne, glasses, artisan bakery, home made cookies and milk for the little girl. The house looks like a well functioning crazy machine that moves seamlessly and yet in all different directions, with one goal - completing this in 24 hours..

We got our outdoor furniture on time , which was like a miracle .. one of the pots for the living room came in damaged ... and since we didn't have time to get another matching one - i had to rebuild it . With the help of some cement, some filing tools from the contractors and a lot of sweat and "winging it" - it was PERFECT! 

Final days!

We are doing a huge pull in the last 5 days before the clients arrival. Friday to tuesday non-stop! The delivery of furniture is happening on saturday morning and meanwhile we are mounting, planting, painting, arranging, installing EVERYTHING  in the house! And of course - there are the Dots for the playroom! the assignment that no one wants to do...